Director’s Message

It seems everywhere we turn the topic of caregiving is on the lips of the most important national figures.

But what is caregiving? By definition, caregiving is the act of assisting someone you care about, who is chronically ill or disabled and unable to care for him or herself. In actuality, this includes doctor visits, assisting with personal care and hygiene and delivering medications. Caregiving is also the brief recognition of a mother with Alzheimer’s as she recognizes her daughter for the first time in months, and a hug from a son with Autism. Caregiving can both be a rewarding and an overwhelming experience, and Caregivers of New Jersey hopes to join caregivers on this roller coaster ride.

In New Jersey alone, over 1.1 million unpaid caregivers support a family member, often from birth to adulthood. Caregivers of New Jersey was formed in response to this growing population. Caregivers of New Jersey will work to shed light on the growing needs of caregivers and the increased need for support.

Welcome to the new Caregivers of New Jersey webpage. I invite you to visit frequently as the content will updated regularly.

Eric M. Joice
Executive Director